Europe Village to be held in Hanoi for the first time

26/04/2018 21:00

The “Europe Days 2018” program is having a rendezvous with Vietnamese public, proposing a fascinating journey to Europe through the European cultural scene with a series of spectacular activities.

First international fireworks team arrives in Da Nang

26/04/2018 14:53

A pyrotechnics team from Poland have arrived in central Da Nang City to prepare for their fireworks display on the opening night of the 2018 Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) on April 30.

Ceremonies commemorate Hung Kings nationwide

25/04/2018 20:09

Vietnamese people nationwide held activities in commemoration of the Hung Kings, the legendary founders of the country, on April 25 or the 10th of the third lunar month.

Worship of Hung Kings: source of national great unity

25/04/2018 13:35

Deep in the minds of Vietnamese people, the worship of the Hung Kings has been a major cultural and religious ritual and a manifestation of great national unity. Vietnamese people at home and abroad turn their attentions to ancestral merits and honor the tradition of remembering the source of the water we drink.

Da Nang city to host international photo exhibition

23/04/2018 19:12

An international photo exhibition marking the country’s Reunification Day (April 30) and Labour Day (May 1) will take place in the central city of Da Nang from April 24 to May 3 at the Da Nang Museum.

Hoi An, Vietnam’s new food capital

22/04/2018 20:31

Hoi An has recently been recognized as Vietnam’s new food capital by the World Association of Chef Societies. The ancient town, already best known for peaceful streets and mossy houses, is now a culinary destination of Vietnam.

Phung Hung mural street features old Hanoi

22/04/2018 12:32

Phung Hung street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter has been revived with beautiful mural paintings recalling Hanoi in the past. Opened to the public in early February , it is now a favorite photo location and cultural space for city dwellers and visitors.

Hoang Sa, Truong Sa documents come to rural people in Hai Duong

21/04/2018 15:04

More than 2,000 book titles and hundreds of precious photos and documents on Vietnam’s seas and islands are on display at the fifth Vietnam Book Day and an exhibition on the Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagos in the northern province of Hai Duong.

Daily life on 'must-go' Hanoi Train Street

20/04/2018 10:01

PSNews – Over the past years, the simple daily life of Vietnamese people on Hanoi Train Street has attracted attention of many foreign visitors. Let’s discover it through these below photos.  

Valuable vestiges discovered in Thang Long Royal Citadel

19/04/2018 10:36

PSNews – The Thang Long – Hanoi Heritage Preservation Center in collaboration with the Vietnam Institute of Archaeology held a scientific seminar on April 17 to review the preliminary results of the Kinh Thien Palace’s excavation in 2017. 

Bookshelf “Hanoi in One’s eyes” launched

18/04/2018 17:07

PSNews – The Tre Publishing House held a ceremony on April 17 to launch the bookshelf “Hanoi in One’s Eyes” with the participation of writer Do Phan and many readers at No.2, Hang Bai street, Hanoi. 

Bac Me lam rice

18/04/2018 13:00

Ha Giang has rich fields with many types of tasty rice, therefore Bac Me lam rice has become a unique dish of the Tay communities.