Quang Binh pilots tours of new caves

13/07/2018 22:18

Authorities of the central province of Quang Binh have decided to pilot tours of some new caves at the World Natural Heritage site Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, dubbed the “Kingdom of Caves”.

U.S volleyball players launch Youth Sports Diplomacy program in Vietnam

12/07/2018 16:28

Twenty-five female high school volleyball players and coaches from the United States kicked off a U.S. Department of State sports exchange program in Vietnam on July 10 as part of a program to build friendships through sports and to create mutual understanding among the young people of the two nations.

Co Loa Citadel still seriously encroached: experts

11/07/2018 15:28

Architects, historians and scientists discussed measures to preserve Co Loa - Hanoi’s oldest citadel - and promote its cultural and historical value at a conference in Hanoi last weekend.

Forty northern contestants through to Miss Vietnam 2018

09/07/2018 22:10

Forty outstanding contestants who have been selected from among the hundreds of competitors in the northern regional qualifying round of Miss Vietnam 2018 will enter the final round for the northern region.

America’s Ambassadors of Song to perform in Hoi An

09/07/2018 16:34

PSNews – On the occasion of 50th anniversary of establishment of the Philadelphia Boys Choir (PBCC) and Chorale, this amazing team will hold a performance in An Hoi Garden, Hoi An Ancient Town on July 13.

Tam Dao: Heavenly weekend retreat near Hanoi

08/07/2018 19:42

Tam Dao, a small mountainous town in the northern province of Vinh Phuc, just 70km from Hanoi, has made it an attractive destination for visitors on weekends and holidays thanks to its cool weather throughout the year like Da Lat and Sa Pa.

Vietnamese museums seek methods for better public engagement

08/07/2018 11:26

Today’s perceptions of museums are no longer limited to displaying historical and cultural artifacts, but have expanded to also reflect the connection between the present and past, as well as the interaction between the exhibits and visitors.

Unforgettable songs to recall a glorious past

07/07/2018 22:24

A concert comprising songs which have won the audience’s hearts for many years will take place on July 7 night at the Cultural Palace in Hanoi, with free entrance.

X-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger performs in Vietnam

07/07/2018 15:43

PSNews – Nicole Scherzinger arrived in Da Nang on July 5. Earlier, hundreds of Vietnamese fans had been waiting for her at the airport for hours with flowers and the traditional conical hat “Non La” to welcome the former pop star.

Trang Tien ice cream, a Hanoian specialty

06/07/2018 21:31

Arriving in Hanoi in the hot summer, a lot of Hanoians will recommend you go straight to Trang Tien street to get an ice cream. The popular ice cream has become a specialty the city after more than 60 years of sales.