Lau mam (salted fish hotpot)

22/05/2017 15:54

“Lau mam” is a southern specialty and an amazing marriage of preserved fish and hot-pot as well.

Uncle Ho's historical moments with Soviet people

22/05/2017 14:55

PSNews - On the occasion of the 127th birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh, the Russian Center for Science and Culture on May 19 cooperated with the Vietnam-Russia Friendship Association to open a photo exhibition "Ho Chi Minh –The winner".

Hanoi to host exhibitions on Belarus

21/05/2017 14:01

A photo exhibition on Belarus will be held in Hanoi from May 25-28 along with a show of paintings by Belarusian artist Vasily Yasyuk, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) said on May 19.

Exhibition “Truong Son – The Legendary Trail” opens

20/05/2017 21:52

PSNews - “Truong Son – The Legendary Trail” is the theme of an exhibition opened in Quang Nam province gathering over 125 display items, documents and art works related to the Truong Son – Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Tua Chua Karst Plateau scenic drive

20/05/2017 16:21

An amateur photographer recently took a drive through the Tua Chua Karst Plateau and shared these beautiful images of the scenic plateau sandwiched between the high mountains of north-western Vietnam.

Ox race in Bay Nui

19/05/2017 21:59

PSNews-24 pairs of ox competed in a fierce but interesting race, entertaining thousands of local people from An Giang and neighboring provinces.

Ba Chua Xu festival in Sam Mountain attracts thousands of visitors

19/05/2017 21:18

Ba Chua Xu (Holy Mother of the Realm) is a prosperity goddess of southern Vietnam’s Thanism. She is a tutelary of business, health, and a protector of the Vietnamese border and is worshipped in her temple at the foot of Sam Mountain, An Giang province.

Efforts to promote Vietnam’s images at 70th Cannes

17/05/2017 22:08

PSNews-A delegation of Vietnam headed by the Cinema Department of Vietnam will join the Cannes for the first time with various activities to promote the image of Vietnam as a new destination for many “blockbusters”.

It’s a choir showdown in Hoi An this June 7-16

17/05/2017 21:31

How sweet the sound will be in Hoi An this coming June 7-16 as young singers from around the globe gather to compete in the fifth biannual choir competition organized by Interkultur.

Vietnam to join Cannes for the first time

17/05/2017 17:13

PSNews-The Cinema Department of Vietnam will cooperate with the France’s National Centre of Cinematography and Moving Image (CNC) and various companies, film makers, artists, producers to join the 70th Cannes.

Westlife's Shane Filan returns to Vietnam

15/05/2017 22:21

Irish boy band singer Shane Filan is scheduled to perform on July 16 in Ho Chi Minh City as part of his ‘Love Always Tour 2017’, according to Zing online newspaper.