Korea through Vietnamese artists' eyes

29/06/2017 20:13

PSNews - The first prize of the Vietnam-Korean Fine Arts Contest was awarded on June 27th to artist Pham Thuan with his canvas painting "Elite" (Tinh hoa).

Touching photos of Vietnamese families

29/06/2017 09:58

PSNews – On the occasion of the Vietnamese Family Day (June 28), the Public Security Newspaper would like to introduce beautiful and meaningful photos of the photo exhibition named “Vietnamese equal families” to our dear readers. 

Fascinating murals village on Ly Son Island

28/06/2017 21:15

Walls of houses in Ly Son island district in the central province of Quang Ngai have become beautiful paintings by volunteer experts from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Vietnam beauty through the lens of photographers

27/06/2017 17:32

The beauty of Vietnam is lively portrayed through the lens of five photographers – Pham An Duong, Nguyen Phuc Loc, Minh Hoa, Dang Tuan and Nguyen Thanh Hai - at the exhibition ‘Colour of Life’.

Vietnam’s beauty featuredin French film

26/06/2017 10:52

PSNews-After resounding successes in three films shot in Vietnam, namely L'Amant (The Lover), Indochine (Indochina), and Diên Biên Phu (Dien Bien Phu), the French cinema is likely to once again help promote the image of Vietnam and Vietnamese people with the movie “Ciel rouge”.

Programme honours Raglai ethnic people’s culture

23/06/2017 22:07

An arts programme, introducing the unique cultural identities of the Raglai ethnic minority people from Ninh Thuan province, will take place at the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Dong Mo, Son Tay district, Hanoi, on June 24-25.

Over 1,000 people perform yoga in Hanoi

18/06/2017 16:55

PSNews - In a hustle and bustle of city life, a unique yoga performance held in the midst of Hanoi on June 17 helped connect all people together in a peaceful and civilized atmosphere.

30,000 exhibits of Central Highlands people collected by retired police officer

14/06/2017 22:02

PSNews-In the past tens of years, Colonel Dang Minh Tam, former officer of the Lam Dong Provincial Police has overcome various difficulties going to rural villages to collect artifacts related to traditions, rituals and lifestyles of ethnic minority people in the Central Highlands in an attempt to preserve the soul of the ethnic minorities amid the “international integration” wave and “cultural artifacts drains”.