Scientists develop new chip that may help usher in the age of quantum computers

30/06/2017 16:19

INRS physicists managed to create the first silicon chip that can be used to both store and manipulate high-dimensional qubits – units of quantum information – which may help simplify the architecture of quantum computers, according to a study published in Nature, a top US scientific journal.

Internet traffic back to normal in mid-July

28/06/2017 21:17

Repair of the Asia-Pacific Gateway (APG) submarine optic cable system will not be completed prior to July 14, so international Internet traffic will remain choppy until then, according to a source from the APG management board.

Russian sub test-fires ICBM across Eurasia

27/06/2017 17:22

A Russian submarine has successfully launched a missile from the Barents Sea near Norway to a test site in the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Far East, the Russian Defense Ministry reports.

Vietnam leads ASEAN in cloud computing spending growth

23/06/2017 21:12

Vietnam recorded the fastest growth among ASEAN countries in cloud computing spending in the 2010-2016 period, Dr. Vu Minh Khuong, Associate Professor at the Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore told the “Fourth Industrial Revolution: Fostering Digital Transformation with Could Computing” conference held on June 22 in Hanoi.

Trump meets wireless, drone executives on new technologies

23/06/2017 09:49

U.S. President Donald Trump offered support for emerging technologies including unmanned aerial vehicles and next-generation wireless networks in a meeting on Thursday with the chiefs of AT&T Inc and General Electric Co and other business leaders.

Israel enters Quantum computer race, placing encryption at ever-greater risk

20/06/2017 08:26

Israel's government has handed a tender to build a national quantum communications system to Hebrew University, Jerusalem. The project aims to develop homegrown technology to protect data privacy, although given the privacy risks inherent in quantum computing, there are questions over who or what the system will be directed at.

Vietnam starts testing HIV prevention pill

16/06/2017 21:28

A study will assess the effects of the drug on around 1,200 patients in Ho Chi Minh City before the health ministry makes a decision about a possible extension.

Virtual assistant Umind can serve disabled

13/06/2017 21:36

 A group of students from the HCMC Information Technology has invented Umind, a virtual assistant which can listen, understand and respond in Vietnamese. It can give strong support to elderly drivers and to the disabled.