Young inventor of robotic arm gets US visa

15/05/2017 22:25

Eleventh-grader Pham Huy has been issued visa to partake in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2017 (Intel ISEF 2017) in the United States.

Dark matter probe on space station to be revitalized

12/05/2017 10:09

After six years in space, the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), a sensitive particle detector aboard the International Space Station, is being prepared for a cooling system retrofit to keep the instrument operational until the station's retirement in 2024 or beyond.

Scientists Develop Tool to Predict Dangerous Solar Storms

11/05/2017 16:56

An international team of scientists at UC Berkeley has developed a software model to predict a particular form of solar storm, making it possible to guard against widespread electromagnetic damage to communication networks and power grids on Earth.

Is Apple preparing to enter Vietnam?

08/05/2017 20:53

The fact that Apple has issued new policies recently may be a preparatory step for the firm to officially enter Vietnam's 90 million market.

Mexican engineers flood Tesla hiring event in Monterrey

07/05/2017 14:57

Engineers from across Mexico streamed into a cramped hotel lobby in the industrial city of Monterrey for a chance of a job with the U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc, which is looking south of the border for talent in short supply at home.

Russian scientists turn nanomaterial into weapon against HIV

05/05/2017 08:49

Scientists at the Russian Academy of Science have discovered a way to dissolve a carbon nanomaterial known as fullerene in water, turning it into a substance capable of eradicating HIV molecules in a human body, according to an article published by the Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry journal.

Facebook brings in army of 3,000 to help stop violent video crisis

04/05/2017 08:28

As the torrent of violent events broadcast over Facebook’s livestreaming feature shows no sign of letting up, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the company is seeking to hire 3,000 people to help review videos on the social networking platform.