Through Magma Glass: Giant Eruption Creates Vast Crystal Field in Mariana Trench

02/11/2018 22:51

Underwater magma flows and blasts occurring on the sea floor were first sported in videos dating back to 2009 and were found to have taken place long before that year. However, a recent submarine discovery, made in 2016, refers to what had happened just months prior, and researchers cited evidence proving the suggested timeline is correct.

Energy Drinks Linked to Aggression, Hurt PTSD Therapy in Soldiers - Study

31/10/2018 09:40

The US military’s addiction to energy drinks like Rip-It and Wild Tiger is exacerbating mental health issues soldiers acquire during deployment, a new medical study has found. The study found that people who drink more high-caffeine drinks are also less responsive to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatments.

Vietnam to develop space technology for climate change

19/10/2018 22:30

PSNews - Under the Master plan for Space technology named “The Strategy for Research and Application of Space Technology Towards 2020” which declared that Vietnam would own satellites made in Vietnam by 2020, the GOV officially decided to implement the Project on “Disaster and Climate Change Countermeasures Using Earth Observation Satellite” as a core project to realize the strategy. 

Google to charge smartphone makers for Google Play in Europe

18/10/2018 17:10

Alphabet Inc’s Google on Tuesday revamped how it distributes its mobile apps in the European Union, introducing a licensing fee for device makers to access its app marketplace in a response to regulators’ findings that it had broken antitrust law.

Facebook to ban misinformation on voting in upcoming U.S. elections

16/10/2018 10:34

Facebook Inc will ban false information about voting requirements and fact-check fake reports of violence or long lines at polling stations ahead of next month’s U.S. midterm elections, company executives told Reuters, the latest effort to reduce voter manipulation on its service.

Digital Race for university students launched

15/10/2018 21:51

The FPT Corporation and Vietnam Television (VTV) has kicked off the 2018-2019 Digital Race for all students at universities across the country and some schools in Asia.