Teleportation: will it ever be a possibility?

13/06/2018 16:58

Star Trek has a lot to answer for. Not content to tease us with unreasonable expectations of phasers and warp drive, it also thrust into the popular imagination the idea of teleportation, in which we step into a giant scanner of some sort and instantaneously find ourselves somewhere else, mind, body and soul intact (and hopefully, unlike Jeff Goldblum, untainted).

Government issues warning on router-hacking virus

31/05/2018 22:49

The Ministry of Information and Telecommunications’ Authority of Information Security on Tuesday warned that routers and storages in Viet Nam have been exposed to the VPNFilter virus. 

India reiterates it will not allow data mining for political purposes

28/05/2018 20:17

India’s IT minister says he wants the country to become a center of data analysis, but the element of consent has to be given due regard in order to have a robust balance between the need for data analysis and the need to protect the right of individual data owners.

Obesity now linked to 12 different cancers

25/05/2018 16:22

Obesity is linked to as many as 12 different forms of cancer, according to a major new report which advises giving up bacon and swapping sugary drinks for water as part of a 10-point plan for avoiding the disease.

Pollution behind mass fish deaths incident in Dong Nai

23/05/2018 21:39

Southern Dong Nai Province’s agriculture department said the unsual high level of NH4 (Amoni) and NO2 (Nitrite) may be the reason behind Monday’s mass fish deaths on the La Nga River based on a test done on water sample collected at the site.