Tesla recruiting engineers in Mexico for California plant

30/04/2017 19:42

Tesla Inc is recruiting engineers from Mexico to work on robotics and other automated equipment at its California factory, according to LinkedIn postings viewed by Reuters, part of a hiring push to ready the plant for mass production of the upcoming Model 3.

Huawei under fire over phone chips as tight supply bites

28/04/2017 21:23

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei Technologies has come under fire from users for "cutting corners", after it said it used a mix of less advanced and powerful chips in its flagship P10 model due to tight supplies of the parts.

Over 70 aircraft to fly over Red Square on Victory Day

14/04/2017 09:26

A total of 17 helicopters and 55 combat planes, including Tupolev Tu-160 and Tu-95MS strategic bombers, will fly over Red Square in Moscow on Victory Day, Russia’s Defense Ministry press office said on Thursday.

Planet nine exists': Ozzie astronomer hopeful that new neighbor has been found

13/04/2017 11:09

Last week, the Australian National University invited volunteers to help astronomers track down the fabled Ninth Planet, first hypothesized in 2014, and have so far identified four possible candidates for Planet Nine. Radio Sputnik talked to Dr. Brad Tucker from the Australian National University on the significance of the research.