Vietnam considers making electric cars

06/08/2017 20:39

Foreign investors are planning to make electric cars in Vietnam, but the infrastructure for electric car development is poor, with no charge stations.

Daimler gets onboard self-flying electric cab

05/08/2017 21:06

German carmaker Daimler is to co-fund an autonomous electric flying taxi project launched by aviation start-up Volocopter. Investors have already pumped €25 million ($30 million) into the enterprise.

Viettel launches 4G service in Timor Leste

02/08/2017 16:20

PSNews - Telemor, Viettel's subsidiary in Timor Leste, on July 30 has become the first mobile service provider to operate a 4G network in the country. Timor Leste is the 7th market Viettel officially runs 4G. 

IT firms anxious about losing workers

01/08/2017 22:53

The Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) estimates that Vietnam would need 600,000 workers in the IT industry by 2020, but training establishments can provide only 400,000.

AI and Cybercrime: The good and bad news

28/07/2017 19:19

Artificial intelligence could soon reset the murky world of cybercrime – and the news is both good and bad. “We have AI, but so do the bad guys,” says Ann Johnson, Microsoft’s Vice President, Enterprise & Cybersecurity. 

Finnish Researchers Create Protein 'Out of Thin Air'

24/07/2017 21:22

In a bid to solve the international famine problem, scientists in Finland have managed to produce protein using unorthodox methods. The first batch of protein produced using electricity and carbon dioxide is expected to become a forerunner for future hunger relief solutions.

Vietnam hospital successfully applies CRT implantation in heart failure

23/07/2017 20:29

PSNews – Cho Ray Hospital on July 22 announced that it has succeeded in applying the Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) ” implantation technique in heart failure. This has been seen a big step forward made by Vietnamese doctors in an effort to apply advanced medical technologies to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Vietnam and bring the service to a level equal to region’s and world’s.