Legendary cyber security expert to visit Vietnam

08/01/2018 20:43

Legendary cyber security expert Mikko Hypponen will visit Vietnam for a discussion on information security at a seminar scheduled for November 18 in Hanoi, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications.

New scanner reveals ancient Egyptian scripts

04/01/2018 15:20

Researchers in London have developed a new scanning technique which enables them to examine the inscriptions left on the papyruses used to wrap up mummies, without destroying their several thousand-year-old cases.

Digital Vietnamese knowledge system launched

03/01/2018 11:55

PSNews - The project "Digital Vietnamese knowledge system" was launched on the occasion of the New Year to spread the message "Each idea, each typing is for the community." The project’s aims at "Sharing Knowledge - Promoting Creativity - Connecting the Community - For the Future of Vietnam."

Top 10 ICT events in 2017

01/01/2018 13:17

The VIetnam ICT Press Club recently announced the top 10 ICT events in 2017. This is the result voted for by more than 50 journalists in the information technology sector, from some 40 media agencies nationwide.

Apple apologizes after outcry over slowed iPhones

30/12/2017 14:42

Facing lawsuits and consumer outrage after it said it slowed older iPhones with flagging batteries, Apple Inc is slashing prices for battery replacements and will change its software to show users whether their phone battery is good.

First School of Aerospace Engineering launched in Vietnam

20/12/2017 13:51

PSNews – The Vietnam National University (VNU) in collaboration with the Military-Run Telecommunications Group (Viettel Group) on December 12 launched the first-ever School of Aerospace Engineering (SAE) in Vietnam.