Russian telescope in Brazil will protect Earth from space junk

10/04/2017 15:41

Commenting on the unveiling of Russia's high tech telescope set up by Russian state space corporation Roscosmos at the Pico dos Dias Observatory in Brazil, Bruno Castilho, the Director of Brazil's National Laboratory of Astrophysics told Sputnik what the major goals are for the project.

Thousands of “bad” videos on YouTube blocked

07/04/2017 17:13

PSNews- At the request of the Vietnamese authorities, Google has so far blocked more than 1,100 clips with malicious themes on YouTube, according to a report from the Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information under the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC).

How artificial life spawned a billion-dollar industry

06/04/2017 20:31

Scientists are getting closer to building life from scratch and technology pioneers are taking notice, with record sums moving into a field that could deliver novel drugs, materials, chemicals and even perfumes.

FCC limits order on Charter extending broadband service

04/04/2017 21:15

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is reversing a requirement imposed under the Obama administration that Charter Communications Inc extend broadband service to 1 million households already served by a competitor, under an order to be made public on Monday.