The Babylonians Knew Their Trigonometry Before the Greeks

27/08/2017 21:01

Australian scientists say the ancient Babylonians knew about a form of trigonometry far more advanced than the modern-day version. And they figured it out 1,000 years before the Greeks, who have always been assumed to be the ancient world's mathematical geniuses.

Scientists invent device allowing them to 'see' kilometers into Earth

26/08/2017 21:12

Scientists from three major Russian research institutes have made an important breakthrough in the field of muon tomography, creating tracking devices which allow geologists to 'see through' objects up to thousands of meters in diameter below the earth's surface.

Da Nang IT Park restarts construction

25/08/2017 22:36

The Trung Nam Group has restarted construction of the Da Nang Information Technology Park (DITP) in Hoa Vang district after an agreement to buy a 65 per cent stake from the US’s Rocky Lai & Associates Inc, the project’s former investor.

"Social Media"- The Indian Success Story

14/08/2017 12:55

The Indian government has not only quickly adapted to the new technological revolution in connecting with people but also taken lead which is why five of its Twitter handles figure among the top ten most followed in the world. 

How Russian PAK FA 5th Gen Fighter Evolved

13/08/2017 12:29

Russia’s fifth-generation fighter jet, formerly known as the Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation (PAK FA), or Sukhoi T-50, has officially been named the Su-57. RIA Novosti contributor Andrei Kots takes a look at the evolution of Russia’s premier fighter jet.

Google Celebrates 44 Years of Hip-Hop With Groovy Interactive Doodle

12/08/2017 10:26

Google marked the h anniversary of hip-hop hip-hop on Thursday with a groovy new doodle posted on its home page. What makes the scribble even funnier, however, is that it also doubles as a groovy interactive deejaying game where the player can mix records just as they play perfectly in sync on two decks.