U.S., China talk firmer U.N. response to North Korea's missiles

03/05/2017 12:33

The United States is negotiating with China on a possible stronger U.N. Security Council response - such as sanctions - to North Korea's repeated ballistic missile launches, which the 15-member body normally condemns in a statement, diplomats said.

Macron and Le Pen to square off in French pre-election TV debate

03/05/2017 12:29

France's presidential rivals, centrist Emmanuel Macron and the far-right's Marine Le Pen, go head-to-head on Wednesday in a televised debate in which sparks are sure to fly as they fight their corner in a last encounter before Sunday's runoff vote.

NSA collected Americans' phone records despite law change

03/05/2017 10:27

The U.S. National Security Agency collected more than 151 million records of Americans' phone calls last year, even after Congress limited its ability to collect bulk phone records, according to an annual report issued on Tuesday by the top U.S. intelligence officer.

Merkel's Visit to Russia a Trump Card in Upcoming Election

02/05/2017 21:01

Russian President Vladimir Putin is meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on May 2, in Sochi. Political expert Alexander Kamkin said that despite existing disagreements a binding thread between Moscow and Berlin remains.

China deports U.S. citizen convicted of espionage

29/04/2017 21:17

China has deported a U.S. citizen who was convicted of espionage this week after being held without trial for two years, removing a source of friction between Washington and Beijing.

Take a tour of the 2018 Russia World Cup stadiums

27/04/2017 17:18

Russia has spent more than $10 billion building stadiums and infrastructure for the 2018 World Cup, which will be the first time soccer's showpiece tournament has been played in Eastern Europe.