2020 key for tech start-ups in Vietnam

02/02/2020 21:34

Like many other Asian countries, Vietnam is racing its regional counterparts to spur economic innovation with artificial intelligence (AI). Experts say voice recognition technology, AI, blockchain and big data will be major trends in 2020.

Vietnamese firms move forward in AI research, application

29/05/2019 09:12

Although difficulties in terms of capital and human resources have been persistent, many Vietnamese businesses are investing in artificial intelligence (AI), showing the popular aspiration to gain a foothold on the global tech map.

Viettel applies AI into health and agriculture sectors

21/05/2019 10:24

PSNews - On the occasion of its 30th founding anniversary, the Military Industry - Telecommunication Group (Viettel) will launch artificial intelligence (AI) products later in Q2 of 2019 to help solve issues of health and agriculture.

The AI that helps doctors spot cancer

03/03/2018 17:50

In 2014, three young men from far-flung parts of the world teamed up in Finland with an audacious plan that could soon help doctors save more lives (not to mention money) and chart a new course for healthcare.

Job fears over automation and AI

27/02/2018 16:47

Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh said automation and AI were going to replace workers at factories in the coming ‘fourth’ industrial revolution.

AI and Cybercrime: The good and bad news

28/07/2017 19:19

Artificial intelligence could soon reset the murky world of cybercrime – and the news is both good and bad. “We have AI, but so do the bad guys,” says Ann Johnson, Microsoft’s Vice President, Enterprise & Cybersecurity.