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Hanoi celebrates Christmas 2018

23/12/2018 16:03

Christmas is just around the corner and a festive spirit fills the air. Streets, parks, recreation centers and shopping malls have been beautifully decorated with Christmas trees and figures of Santa Claus, and are getting more crowded with people. Everything looks ready for Christmas.

Santa Clause is coming to town

20/12/2018 15:14

As Christmas is drawing near, Hanoi’s streets on these days have been filled with the vibrant colours of thousands of Christmas decorations.

Vietnamese goods dominate Christmas market

23/12/2017 16:19

The festive season atmosphere is particularly exciting in Hang Luoc, Hang Ma, and Luong Van Can, the main streets selling deco items in Hanoi. With their beautiful design and reasonable prices, Vietnamese products are dominating the Christmas market.

Sparkling Hanoi on the threshold of Christmas

21/12/2016 13:56

Streets, commercial centres, churches and entertainment places in the capital city care colourfully decorated with lights, Christmas trees, reindeers and decorations to welcome upcoming Christmas.