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Dong Thap province taps into community-based tourism

18/07/2019 11:12

Community-based tourism is a type of tourism bringing sustainable economic development benefits to Dong Thap province, which has been renowned for spectacular lush tropical orchards, gorgeous fields of lotus blossoms, and amazing dishes.

Traffic police erect stopovers in support of people before Tet holiday

03/02/2019 19:02

PSNews – In the past days, the traffic police force of Hong Ngu Town, Dong Thap Province has built up a “compassion stopover” on provincial road 842 through An Binh commune to provide fresh water and washcloths to people who are on the way returning home for this Tet.

ID numbers for tra fish allow for trace of origin

05/08/2018 13:29

The Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap has issued identification numbers to ponds that breed tra fish under a government decree on aquaculture management that went into effect last July.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh visits Dong Thap

19/12/2017 20:06

PSNews – Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Thanh, Deputy Minister of Public Security led a delegation of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) to work with the police of Hong Ngu district, Dong Thap.

Cuisine culture in the Plain of Reeds

01/01/2017 09:48

The gastronomy of the south and the Plain of Reeds in particular was created and enriched during the centuries-old history of the region. The dishes are simple but reflect the local lifestyle.

Police of Pray Veng visits Dong Thap Provincial Police

25/01/2017 12:12

PSNews – On the occasion of the upcoming lunar New Year, a delegation  of the Police Department of Pray Veng (Cambodia), led by Lieutenant General Sreng-Chia visited the Dong Thap Provincial Police on January 23rd.