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Festival Táo

04/10/2018 17:42

Cứ vào độ vào đầu tháng 10 hàng năm sau mỗi mùa thu hoạch táo, tại thị trấn Kivik ở huyện Simrishamns thuộc tỉnh Skane, phía nam Vương quốc Thụy Điển lại diễn ra kỳ Festival Táo đầy cuốn hút, quy tụ những tác phẩm nghệ thuật gồm tranh và tượng cấu thành từ những trái táo mới thu hoạch.

Cultural, tourism festival kicks off in Ha Giang

28/09/2018 21:10

A cultural and tourism festival promoting the beauty of Hoang Su Phi’s terraced fields and ethnic culture is due to kick off in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang on September 28. 

Cao Bang to host song and dance festival

28/06/2018 21:35

Hundreds artists of 12 art troupes from northern mountainous provinces will take part in a national song and dance festival in Cao Bang province between June 29 and July 7.

Elephant procession festival in Phu Tho

24/03/2018 18:04

Thanh Thuy district in Phu Tho province attracts tourists with its beautiful landscapes and unique wet rice civilization festivals. The Dao Xa elephant procession festival is one of the biggest there.

Festival to promote learning keeps time-honored tradition

04/03/2018 17:40

When a new lunar year arrives, many family clans and residential areas nationwide organize activities to honor individuals who have achieved outstanding academic results during the year and encourage them to continue learning.

Huong Pagoda boat trip safety fears

27/02/2018 09:47

Boat operators have been loading as many as 40 people on small boats as visitors flocked to Huong Pagoda Festival in Hanoi during the weekend.

Exciting Wrestling Festival in Thua Thien – Hue

23/02/2018 10:19

PSNews – The traditional wrestling festival was held on February 21-2 (or January 6 of the Lunar calendar) in Thu Le village, Sia town, Quang Dien district, Thua Thien – Hue to celebrate the Lunar New Year.