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Hanoi food festival welcomes celebrity chef Jack Lee

22/03/2017 20:23

The Royal City Mall in Hanoi will host a food festival, April 7-9, providing visitors the opportunity to sample international foods, enjoy cooking demonstrations and meet nationally recognized chef Jack Lee.

Unique festival in Co Sau, Cao Bang

13/03/2017 23:21

PSNews- The Quan Thanh Temple Festival, also known as the Co Sau Festival, is celebrated from generation to generation of local people on February 15 (lunar calendar) in order to preserve Quan Thanh Temple’s history and value.

Tay Thien festival commences in Vinh Phuc

12/03/2017 20:56

Tay Thien festival, one of the major spiritual events in the north, began in Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province on March 12, drawing a wave of local residents and tourists.

Thai Binh: 2017 Tran Temple Festival opens

10/02/2017 16:16

The Tran Temple Festival, one of the biggest annual spring festivals in Vietnam, opened at the national special historical complex of the Tran Kings’ shrines and tombs in Tien Duc commune, Hung Ha district, in Thai Binh, on February 9.

Long Tong festival in Tuyen Quang draws crowd

05/02/2017 09:22

Tens of thousands of locals in the northern mountainous province of Tuyen Quang as well as tourists flocked to Chiem Hoa district on February 4 to join the Long Tong festival, a unique and most typical agricultural festival of the Tay, a big ethnic minority group in the locality.

Tet of the Hmong ethnic group in Dien Bien

28/01/2017 16:43

PSNews – When peach flowers and wild sunflowers are colorfully blossoming, H'mong people in Na Tong commune of Dien Bien province are preparing for their special festival, praying for a year of good weather, bumper harvests and good health.

The 2nd Cam Ha - Hoi An Kumquat Festival

27/01/2017 10:35

PSNews - The Hoi An People's Committee held "The 2nd Cam Ha - Hoi An Kumquat” in Trang Keo residential area, Cam Ha commune with dozens of nice shaped kumquat trees. 

Low Tet bonuses stop workers from going home

13/01/2017 14:46

The average bonus given to Vietnamese workers for Tet (Lunar New Year), a week-long festival that falls at the end of this month, is VND4.9 million (US$218) per worker, almost equivalent to a month’s average salary and 96% of last year’s level of VND5.1 million (US$227).

What’s happening in the Lunar New Year Eve?

05/01/2017 23:02

PSNews - As estimated, the revenue from festivals in 2017 in My Duc district will reach VND 100 billion. The proceeds will be used to reinvest in local infrastructure and hold the Huong Pagoda festival.

Tôn vinh 10 công trình, phần việc tiêu biểu của tuổi trẻ CAND

17/11/2016 11:22

Trong khuôn khổ Ngày hội “Thắp sáng ước mơ tuổi trẻ CAND” tại Trường Cao đẳng CSND I sáng nay, 17-11 còn có Triển lãm Festival “Sáng tạo trẻ” – nơi tôn vinh các công trình, phần việc thanh niên tiêu biểu của tuổi trẻ CAND năm 2016.

Ministry urges thorough Tet preparation

11/11/2016 14:40

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has promulgated a directive on implementing solutions to ensure supply and demand balance and to stabilise the local market.