Hoa Binh Police stay up all night to reinforce Khi dam after landslides

03/09/2018 20:01

PSNews – The Tan Lac District Police Station, Hoa Binh Province has deployed over 150 police officers and soldiers in collaboration with local forces to pour 100 cubic meters of soil, stone and sand on the Khi dam, reinforcing locations at risk of breaks as floodwater level remained high due to recent heavy downpours. 

Hoa Binh Police review campaign against crimes

28/09/2017 09:43

PSNews - The Hoa Binh Provincial Police on September 25 held a conference to review its campaign against crime with the aim of ensuring absolute security for important national events, such as the 55th anniversary of People's Police Force Traditional Day (July 20th 1962-2017) and APEC Vietnam 2017. 

Hoa Binh Police do good to local people

28/05/2017 20:24

PSNews – The Hoa Binh Provincial Police is striving to effectively deploy Directives No.5 on “Enhancing the movement “Studying and following thought, morals, lifestyle of Ho Chi Minh”, by wholeheartedly serving the people.