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Hung Kings’ death anniversary commemorated nationwide

14/04/2019 20:24

An incense offering ceremony was held in the northern midland province of Phu Tho on April 14 (or the tenth day of the third lunar month) to commemorate the death anniversary of Hung Kings, the legendary founders of the nation.

Guarding Hung King Temple once-in-a-lifetime honour

12/04/2019 23:46

In Vietnam, the janitor of a pagoda (or temple) is usually an elderly person respected by the local community, who is selected by the community to do the work for many years. But it is even harder to be selected for the job at many temples in the Hung Kings Temple historical site in the northern province of Phu Tho.

Hung Kings to be commemorated in Laos

05/04/2019 02:07

The death anniversary of the Hung Kings, the legendary founders of Vietnam, will be observed in the Lao capital city of Vientiane on April 5-6.

Hung King pilgrimage festival to take place during five consecutive days

30/01/2018 19:26

PSNews – The Phu Tho Provincial People’s Committee held a meeting on January 27 to roll out the plan of this year- Hung King pilgrimage festival, with the participation of representatives of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Thai Nguyen, Quang Nam, Binh Duong and Kien Giang.

Songs of earth and heaven

04/06/2017 16:34

At the time of the founding of the nation (2879 - 258BC), as King Hung and two of his brothers were looking for a place to found a capital city, while passing Phu Duc and An Thai villages, the King saw kids wrestling, playing tug of war and singing happy songs.