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NATO seeks to allay concerns at meeting with Russia

19/12/2016 08:44

NATO will seek to reassure Russia on Monday that its troop deployments to the Baltics and Poland next year are purely defensive, in a rare meeting of the alliance's envoys with those of the Kremlin that is unlikely to resolve long-standing grievances.

Kremlin Receives List of Fugitive Russian Entrepreneurs Living in UK

08/02/2018 08:31

The list of fugitive Russian businesspeople willing to return from the United Kingdom, compiled by Russian commissioner for entrepreneurs' rights Boris Titov, has been received by Kremlin, the presidential administration will study the document in consultations with law enforcement agencies, the Kremlin spokesman said Wednesday.

Điện Kremlin tiết lộ giật mình về Tổng thống Putin

22/01/2018 11:06

Điện Kremlin mới đây tiết lộ rằng, dù là người nổi tiếng cứng rắn nhưng Tổng thống Putin luôn "lo lắng hơn ai hết" trước cuộc họp báo thường niên trực tiếp, một sự kiện luôn kéo dài nhiều giờ.