MPS seeks to streamline its apparatus

21/04/2018 19:30

PSNews – The Central Public Security Party Committee and the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on April 20 organized a teleconference themed “Studying and implementing the Resolution No. 22-NQ / TW issued on March 15 by the Politburo and documents of the Central Public Security Party Committee on renovating and streamlining the public security apparatus for more efficiency and effectiveness.”

Public Security Forces asked to enhance operations to ensure safety and order

21/04/2018 18:26

PSNews – Minister of Public Security To Lam sent a dispatch to heads of General Departments, the High Commands, agencies and units under the Ministry; Directorates of the Provincial and Municipal Police and Fire Prevention and Fighting Departments, asking them to direct all forces to enhance their operations to ensure safety and order during the upcoming holidays. 

PSA celebrates 65 years of first training courses

20/04/2018 14:40

PSNews – The People’s Security Academy (PSA) on April 18 organized a ceremony to mark the 65th anniversary of the 1st and 2nd full time training courses (1953-1954) of the Central Police School.

29/80 portals of governmental agencies are at risk

09/04/2018 18:32

PSNews – According to a recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), 29 out of 80 portals of governmental agencies with serious security vulnerabilities are at risk of cyber attacks. They include portals of the Ministries of Finance, Justice, and Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.

Labor Union of General Department of Politics visits K9 Relics

07/04/2018 22:20

PSNews – Within the framework of the Labor Union Conference of the General Department of Politics (G.D 3), the delegates on April 6 visited the K9 Relic site, located in Ba Vi district, Hanoi, to pay tribute and report their achievements to Uncle Ho.