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Hydropower projects on Mekong River should not cause negative impacts: spokeswoman

06/03/2020 16:13

The building of hydropower projects on the Mekong River’s mainstream must ensure that they do not cause negative impacts, including cross-border effects, on the environment and socio-economic development of the countries along the river, especially the nations in the downstream region, in line with international practice and regulations of the Mekong River Commission, said a Vietnamese official.

Vietnam going big on shrimp farming

14/02/2017 08:34

The Vietnam government has announced plans to invest heavily in perfecting the country’s intensive shrimp farming operations and expand production significantly over the next few years.

Experts seek solutions to water resources exhaustion

11/11/2016 10:04

Water supply experts have emphasised the need to deal with water issue in the entire Mekong River basin that comprises six countries along the river in order to ensure the sustainable use and exploitation of water resources and environmental protection.

Plain of Reeds during monsoon season

12/12/2016 09:33

The monsoon season is the busiest time in the Plain of Reeds of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. This is also the best time to explore the region’s beauty and the generosity of nature.