My Son Sanctuary receives ancient Cham script books

02/12/2019 21:11

The My Son Sanctuary management board has received five collections of ancient Cham script books – related to old rituals or worship ceremonies of the Cham people in central Vietnam – from a local collector, contributing to precious data for the UNESCO-recognised world heritage site.

Over 1,000 artifacts of My Son sanctuary go digital

19/01/2018 11:51

More than 1,000 artifacts uncovered during the excavation and restoration of towers in the world heritage site of My Son sanctuary in the central province of Quang Nam have been digitalised thanks to the assistance of experts from Italy and India.

Police maintain security in land of two World’s Heritages

11/02/2017 21:06

PSNews-Quang Nam is home to various tourist destinations, namely Hoi An town and My Son Sanctuary, Vietnamese Heroic Mothers’ Statute and Cham Island, attracting over 120 thousands of domestic and international tourists and visitors during the Traditional Tet.