Nguyen Dynasty cannon found in Da Nang

24/05/2019 20:42

The Da Nang Museum has received a bronze cannon dating back to the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945), the museum’s Director Huynh Dinh Quoc Thien said on May 24. 

"Ao Dai through heritage path" show to be introduced at Hue festival

16/04/2019 16:21

PSNews - The organizing board of Hue festival 2019 announced that, one of the festival's highlights named "Ao Dai through heritage path show" will take place, contributing to introducing Nguyen Dynasty art as well as honoring Vietnamese high-quality silk products.

Hue sets global example for cultural heritage preservation

15/07/2018 21:36

Hue, the capital of the Nguyen dynasty, is home to not only Vietnam’s last ruling monarchy in 143 years, but also to a number of priceless tangible and intangible heritages such as palaces, royal tombs, garden houses, art forms and royal cuisine.

Images of Truong Sa and Hoang Sa in the Nine Tripod Cauldrons

16/12/2016 08:13

PSNews - Hue’s Nine Tripod Cauldrons as the national treasure not only represents the authority and power of the Nguyen dynasty - the last feudal dynasty in Vietnam, but also is considered the most unique encyclopedia about Vietnam in the early 19th century.

New royal fashion exhibit honours Nguyen Dynasty

23/12/2016 13:48

A new exhibit has opened at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of History featuring 70 rare and exquisite clothing and other artefacts, taking visitors on an extravagant look back at the Nguyen Dynasty.