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Hanoi: Over 68,000 labourers affected by COVID-19 pandemic

01/04/2020 19:04

As many as 68,184 labourers had lost their jobs or been affected amid the COVID-19 pandemic as many enterprises in Hanoi have been forced to scale down production or temporarily suspended operations, the municipal Confederation of Labour announced on April 1.

Australia is supporting Vietnam’s long-term response to COVID-19

05/06/2020 21:13

“Australia has refocused much of our development program in Vietnam to respond to COVID-19. We are supporting Vietnam by ensuring access to the best available economic analysis as the country shifts its focus toward stimulus and recovery. We are also supporting Vietnam’s efforts to protect the most vulnerable, especially women and girls who carry much of the burden as a result of the pandemic.” Ambassador Mudie said. 

Pandemic has little impact on Vietnam’s shrimp exports

22/03/2020 19:46

The domestic shrimp industry has not faced a great impact from the novel coronavirus-caused acute respiratory disease (COVID-19) because now this industry is under production and Vietnam will enter its shrimp harvesting crop in August.