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Famous European director stages Shakespeare’s play in Hanoi

13/11/2019 19:00

Renowned Austrian director Beverly Blankenship has teamed up with artists of the Hanoi-based Youth Theatre to stage a new edition of William Shakespeare’s popular play “Romeo and Juliet”, announced the theatre on November 13.

Phỏng vấn Shakespeare

11/10/2017 08:42

Phóng viên (PV): Thưa ông, xin hỏi một câu rất  khái quát: Tại sao ông từ trần đã gần 500 năm rồi mà kịch của ông vẫn sống?

Shakespeare Lives in Films

29/09/2016 07:46

“Shakespeare Lives in Films” featuring best films adapted from Shakespeare’s works will be screened every Saturday from 8 October to 29 October in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.  It is part of the global Shakespeare Lives programme launched by the British Council to celebrate 400 years since the death of the Bard of Avon.