Traffic police competes in driving contest

28/08/2019 12:04

PSNews – The Traffic Police Department on August 26 and 27 held a safe driving contest to evaluate traffic police officers’ knowledge of road traffic laws, driving skills and ability to handle traffic-related situations.

3,000 more traffic cameras to be installed

16/12/2016 14:11

PSNews-More than 3,000 high resolution traffic cameras, which are capable of capturing number plates of vehicles at night or in low light conditions, are expected to be installed in streets of Hanoi.

Traffic police clear up stones spilled over on the road

11/05/2020 17:10

PSNews – While detecting a truck dropping a large amount of stones on the road, a group of officers from the Nghia Dan District Traffic Police Squad (Nghe An Province) quickly moved to the scene and joined local people to clean up the road.

In-depth training course launched for 60 traffic police officers

10/10/2019 10:03

PSNews – The People’s Police Academy (PPA) on October 7 organized a training course on conducting patrols, checks and handling traffic violations on routes based on international experience for traffic police officers from 12 provinces and cities. 

Traffic police start to measure the satisfaction of people

31/05/2019 18:15

PSNews – In line with the master plan of the Ministry of Public Security to measure the satisfaction of  people and organizations with administrative services provided by public security agencies and units in 2019, the Traffic Police Department on May 29 also launched a plan to measure the public satisfaction with the service of the Traffic Police Force in road vehicle registration and management.

On-duty traffic police officer dies while chasing suspect

20/04/2019 21:33

PSNews – Captain Chu Quang Sang, a traffic police officer of the Ba Ria - Vung Tau Provincial Police Department, drew his last breath due to his serious injuries hit by a suspect’s care while doing his duty on road.

Ha Nam police present helmets to poor students

24/03/2019 15:24

PSNews - On the occasion of the 88th Anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Party (March 26, 1931 – 2019), the Youth Union Chapters of the Force Building Division and Traffic Police Division under Ha Nam Provincial Police Department co-hosted a dissemination drive on the Traffic Law and traffic safety regulations for students and teachers of Liem Can Secondary School, Thanh Liem District, Ha Nam.