US firms pin high hope on Vietnam

05/12/2016 19:07

Despite the uncertain future of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, US companies are planning to continue expanding their investments and business in Vietnam.

Over 3,800 business conditions expected to be cut and simplified

01/09/2018 15:55

Ministries and sectors are planning to reduce and simplify over 3,800 business conditions of the more than 6,200 in total, equivalent to 61.3% and exceeding 11.3% compared to the requests made by the Government and the Prime Minister, according to the PM’s working group.

Lotus ponds lead to blossoming profits for Hanoi growers

04/06/2018 22:21

Owners of lotus ponds around Hanoi have been collecting millions of Vietnamese dongs each day, earning up to VND100 million per month by selling flowers and renting their ponds out to people who want to take amazing photos among the lotus.

Surpass expectations, enterprises told

04/03/2017 21:58

Enterprises must adopt new business models and create value beyond the expectations of customers to succeed in today’s competitive, fast-changing environment, delegates said at a forum held in HCM City recently.