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White House: No evidence has emerged about US voting fraud

29/11/2016 11:01

There has been no evidence of widespread election fraud in the Nov. 8 presidential contest, the White House said on November 28 in reaction to US President-elect Donald Trump's tweet over the weekend alleging millions of illegal votes and fraud in three states.

US Presidential Election- A dramatic race

07/11/2016 10:46

On November 8, more than 100 million American voters will cast their ballots to elect the 45th US President. This is the biggest political event of the year in the US. The race to the White House has been dramatic until its last minute.

Democrats capture House, GOP holds Senate

07/11/2018 12:53

Democrats rode a wave of dissatisfaction with President Donald Trump to win control of the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday, giving them the opportunity to block Trump’s agenda and open his administration to intense scrutiny.

Trump, Putin to meet on July 16 in Helsinki: officials

28/06/2018 20:39

U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet on July 16 in Helsinki, the Kremlin and the White House said on Thursday, a first official summit that will be closely watched by nervous U.S. allies in Europe and critics of Russia in America.

White House bars some news organizations from briefing

25/02/2017 08:29

The White House excluded several major U.S. news organizations, including some it has openly criticized, from an off-camera briefing held by the White House press secretary on Friday, representatives of the organizations said.

White House says Israeli settlement building may not help peace

03/02/2017 09:18

The Trump administration said on Thursday Israel's building of new settlements or expansion of existing ones in occupied territories may not be helpful in achieving peace with Palestinians, adopting a more measured tone than its previous pro-Israel announcements.

Trump packs transition team with loyalists and family

12/11/2016 16:05

President-elect Donald Trump began laying the groundwork on November 11 to take office on Jan. 20, 2017, gathering the most loyal advisers from his insurgent campaign and three of his children to plot his transition strategy.

UK says U.S. claims about spying will not be repeated

17/03/2017 22:05

British Prime Minister Theresa May has received assurances from the White House it would not repeat allegations that Britain's GCHQ spy agency had helped former U.S. President Barack Obama eavesdrop on Donald Trump, her spokesman said on Friday.

White House accuses media of playing down inauguration crowds

22/01/2017 09:50

The White House on Saturday accused the media of framing photographs to understate the crowd that attended Donald Trump's inauguration, a new jab in a long-running fight between the new president and the news organizations who cover him.

Executive actions ready to go as Trump prepares to take office

20/01/2017 08:56

Donald Trump is preparing to sign executive actions on his first day in the White House on Friday to take the opening steps to crack down on immigration, build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border and roll back outgoing President Barack Obama's policies.