COVID-19: Vietnamese embassy in Kuwait prioritises citizen protection

05/04/2020 16:01

Vietnamese Ambassador to Kuwait Trinh Minh Manh said on April 3 that the embassy gives the top priority to supporting Vietnamese citizens, with the aim of protecting their health and lives, legitimate rights and interests, amid the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Countries condemn attack on Vietnamese tourist bus

29/12/2018 21:03

Many countries have condemned a bombing attack on a bus carrying Vietnamese tourists in the Egyptian province of Giza that killed four persons, including three Vietnamese on December 28 (Egypt time).

Vietnamese Embassy in Egypt conducts citizen protection

29/12/2018 18:59

The Vietnamese Embassy in Egypt has visited wounded Vietnamese tourists in a roadside bomb blast in the country and worked with local authorities to ask for measures to support treatment for the injured and facilitate Vietnamese citizens’ safe return.