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Multiple activities to be held for the disabled

13/04/2018 15:39

The annual “One heart – One world” exchange programme is scheduled to take place on April 16, aiming to raise funds for people with disabilities, orphans and those in difficult circumstances nationwide. 

Virtual assistant Umind can serve disabled

13/06/2017 21:36

 A group of students from the HCMC Information Technology has invented Umind, a virtual assistant which can listen, understand and respond in Vietnamese. It can give strong support to elderly drivers and to the disabled.

500 wheelchairs presented to the disabled in Quang Binh

01/12/2018 20:43

The association for support of the disabled and orphans of Quang Binh and the US organisation Giving It Back to Kids presented 500 wheelchairs to locals with disabilities in the central province on December 1.