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The unique wedding album of a firefighter

09/12/2016 08:03

PSNews– A couple of a police officer and a female public servant have now been in a relationship for 2 years, and they have recently decided to get married by the end of December. Colleagues of the groom has created a cool yet unique album as a wedding gift to the couple with the typical nature off irefighters.

On-duty firefighter dies

20/03/2018 20:43

PSNews - Sergeant Chu Van Khanh drew his last breath due to multiple serious injuries in a road accident when he and his comrades were racing toward another road accident.

Young policeman fights fire at night, takes exam in daytime

24/06/2017 20:20

PSNews-Trang Thanh Nam, a young firefighter, who side by side with his comrades fought fierce fire at a warehouse near the port of Saigon in District 4 during the night of June 22, still looked optimistic going to his important exams on the next day.

Images of heroic firefighters in recent incident

05/11/2016 19:40

PSNews–Having a short rest and quick meals then rushed to the scene, with high determination and bravery controlling the blaze and save lives of victims feature the image of firefighters in the recent fire.

8-floor karaoke bar on fire

18/09/2016 13:35

At about 6 p.m September 17th, a fire broke out at a karaoke bar, located at 85G, Nguyễn Khang, Yên Hòa, Cầu Giấy (Hanoi). 

Inspectorate works with Thai Nguyen firefighters

07/11/2016 13:41

PSNews - A workshop on inspection and check of fire fighting and prevention was held on November 5 in Thai Nguyen by a delegation of the Inspectorate under the Ministry of Public Security, and the Thai Nguyen Provincial Fire Fighting Police Department.