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PVTrans - Doanh nghiệp vận tải và logistics uy tín hàng đầu

15/03/2020 22:30

Công ty cổ phần Báo cáo đánh giá Việt Nam (Vietnam Report) chính thức công bố Top 10 công ty vận tải và logistics uy tín năm 2019 với vị trí dẫn đầu nhóm ngành vận tải hàng hoá thuộc về Tổng Công ty Cổ phần Vận tải Dầu khí (PV Trans).

Giải điểm nghẽn chi phí cao trong logistics

13/12/2019 10:11

Khảo sát thực tế tại các doanh nghiệp xuất khẩu nông sản thuộc các nhóm hàng rau quả, hàng cà phê cho thấy, chi phí logistics hiện nay vẫn chiếm tỷ trọng khá cao trong giá thành hàng hóa xuất khẩu. 

MPS reviews task performance in the first half

21/06/2019 20:20

PSNews - Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Son, Deputy Minister of Public Security, on June 20 chaired a conference to review task performances of the traffic police, police in charge of criminal judgment execution and judicial assistance, and police responsible for technical services and logistics in the first 6 months of 2019.

Logistics enterprises, schools work to close skills gap

27/05/2019 14:55

With e-commerce and automation changing the landscape of the logistics sector dramatically, there will be a focus on re-skilling the existing workforce in technology, which will improve the competitiveness of the logistics industry.

HCM City seeks cheaper logistics

13/01/2019 12:40

Logistics fees in Vietnam account for nearly 21 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), with transport making up 60 percent of the figure, twice as much as some developed economies.

HCM City willing to promote cooperation with French firms

05/11/2018 09:49

Ho Chi Minh City’s authorities want to enhance cooperation with France in the fields of the country’s priority and strength such as smart city development, urban management, finance-banking, logistics, trade and tourism, said Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong.

Xoá rào cản để DN trong nước tham gia sâu hơn vào lĩnh vực logistics

30/10/2018 08:50

Logistics là xương sống của thương mại quốc tế nhưng năng lực cạnh tranh của ngành logistics Việt Nam rất hạn chế, nhiều gánh nặng bủa vây khiến chi phí logistcs Việt Nam vẫn luôn vào diện đắt đỏ và nguy cơ thị phần hoàn toàn thuộc về DN nước ngoài là điều trông thấy. 

Supply chain optimisation boosts garment firms' competitiveness

29/08/2018 14:41

Investing in logistics and applying lean management are considered two of the solutions to optimise the supply chain, helping domestic garment and textile firms to solve the issues related to warehousing operations to save costs and increase competitive capacity.

Logistics decree underwhelms

20/03/2018 11:38

While signalling a breakthrough improvement in the local logistics service market, Vietnam’s new regulations have raised concerns over e-commerce among EU investors.

Detailed plan needed to boost logistics

05/02/2018 10:27

A detailed plan on logistics development, especially on transport connectivity, is needed to set goals for industrial production, agriculture and imports-exports, experts have urged.

Logistic and Techniques of MPS organizes seminar on 70th

26/01/2018 23:00

PSNews – The General Department of Logistics and Techniques (G.D 4) under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on January 24 organized a seminar themed “Logistics and Techniques of Public Security Forces: 70 years of construction and development.”

Vietnam opens up logistics sector to foreign companies

14/01/2018 13:54

Foreign investors will be given the go-ahead to set up logistics companies in Vietnam, but with conditions on ownership and services, according to Government Decree 163 on logistics services which will come into force on February 20.