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Vietnamese museums seek methods for better public engagement

08/07/2018 11:26

Today’s perceptions of museums are no longer limited to displaying historical and cultural artifacts, but have expanded to also reflect the connection between the present and past, as well as the interaction between the exhibits and visitors.

Hung King museum embodies Vietnam’s glorious history

03/06/2018 21:46

Part of the Hung Temple Historical Relic Complex, Hung King National Museum in Viet Tri city, boasts a unique architecture and embodies Vietnam’s glorious history. The museum is a source of pride for Vietnamese people.

Hoang Sa Museum to welcome the New Year

21/12/2017 20:33

After nearly two years of construction, the Hoang Sa Museum in the central city of Da Nang will open to the public next month, celebrating the New Year and offering a new destination to tourists.

Hai Phong Museum, a renowned cultural address

04/12/2017 09:33

The Hai Phong Museum was the first local museum established in Vietnam. It was built in 1919 on 1 ha covered with large old trees in what is today Hai Phong City center.

Uncle Ho artwork finds home at museum

01/11/2016 16:49

In a ceremony this afternoon, the Ho Chi Minh Museum received a portrait of President Ho Chi Minh by Algerian-French artist Mustapha Boutadjine.