North Korea nuclear test: World leaders react

14/09/2016 10:18

On 9th September North Korea claims to have successfully carried out the 5th nuclear tests, a few hours after the seismometer detects an explosion near Pyongyang, the place conducted the 4th nuclear test earlier this year. 

For high-stakes summit with Kim, Trump trusts his gut over note cards

08/06/2018 21:00

U.S. President Donald Trump will deploy a mix of charm and pressure to coax North Korean leader Kim Jong Un into a deal to give up nuclear weapons, trusting his gut instinct over briefing books in his ability to strike an accord, aides and former administration officials said.

Nuclear 'Doomsday Clock' ticks closest to midnight in 64 years

28/01/2017 16:36

Atomic scientists reset their symbolic "Doomsday Clock" to its closest time to midnight in 64 years on Thursday, saying the world was closer to catastrophe due to threats such as nuclear weapons, climate change and Donald Trump's election as U.S. president.