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Youths of Ha Nam provincial police supports local people

15/01/2018 20:29

PSNews – The Youth Union Chapter and Logistics and Techniques Office under the Ha Nam Provincial Police Department, on January 14, coordinated with the Youth Union Chapter of Binh Luc district offered free health checkups and medicines to needy families in An Noi commune, Binh Luc district.

Ha Nam Police holds dialogue with local people

13/01/2018 21:31

PSNews – The Ha Nam Provincial Police on January 12 held a dialogue with local residents on administrative procedures and related issues, with a view to facilitate administrative activities at police offices of local organizations and people.

Phuoc Son police support residents in mountainous areas

04/01/2018 11:31

PSNews –The police of Phuoc Son district (Quang Nam) have mobilized other forces to help local people build concrete roads and houses, contributing to local economic development and poverty reduction, in addition to their main tasks of maintaining security and order in the mountainous area.

Man spends years to grow forest

30/12/2017 17:26

A forest of trees covering several hundred hectares at the foot of Hoanh Son Mountain in central Ha Tinh Province has come back to life, thanks to the efforts of one man.

Perilous life in the north

16/12/2017 12:37

The Lunar New Year is not a happy time in Kep A village, a rural community with 60 households in northern Ha Giang province. 

Vinh Linh Police supports needy people

11/12/2017 15:18

PSNews – Police officers of the Vinh Linh District Police, Quang Tri also have participated actively in charitable activities alongside their main mission of maintaining social order and security, according to Colonel Nguyen Su Linh, Deputy Head of the Vinh Linh District Police.

Police forces help people overcome floods

11/10/2017 15:34

PSNews – The Provincial-Level Committees of Climate Change Response, Natural Disaster Prevention and Rescue (Directing Board) under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), Fire Police Departments from Ha Tinh to Quang Binh and various relevant agencies received urgent dispatch No.13 on preparation for tropical depressions, heavy rains and floods.

Mobile policemen rescue people from drowning

07/03/2017 20:59

PSNews - Three troops of the Mobile Police Battalion under the Guard and Mobile Police Department of the Dak Nong Provincial Police recently saved two citizens of Residential Area 7 in Nghia Phu ward, Gia Nghia town from drowning.