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Police nationwide asked to strictly handle illegal trade and use of police equipment

24/07/2018 22:23

Minister of Public Security To Lam on July 23 sent Dispatch 05/CĐ-BCA to all general departments, commands and under-ministerial units, education and training institutions; provincial/municipal police departments; and fire police sub-departments under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) to promote operations against illegal trade and use of equipment and supporting tools of the People’s Public Security Forces PPSF.

Police force seize 240 drug-related suspects and 400kg drugs in Northwestern region

23/08/2017 16:52

PSNews - The Drug-Related Crime Investigation Department in close coordination with specialized units under the Ministry of Public Security and the Son La and Hoa Binh provincial police forces successfully have solved 107 specialized cases, arresting 240 subjects, seizing 153.42 kg heroin; 250,82kg and 134,160 tablets of synthetic drugs over the last 12 months.

HCM City cracks down on criminal gangs, thieves

23/10/2016 17:45

HCM City — HCM City police must crack down on gangs using deadly weapons and street robbery, Senior Lieutenant General To Lam, Member of the Politburo and Minister of Public Security said.