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WB to fund Hanoi environmental project

09/12/2016 13:55

The World Bank will fund a project to develop an air-monitoring system worth US$500,000 in Hanoi, according to Madhu Raghunath, leader of the WB’s Program for Sustainable Development.

Pollution behind mass fish deaths incident in Dong Nai

23/05/2018 21:39

Southern Dong Nai Province’s agriculture department said the unsual high level of NH4 (Amoni) and NO2 (Nitrite) may be the reason behind Monday’s mass fish deaths on the La Nga River based on a test done on water sample collected at the site.

Suffering downstream of polluting coal plants

14/03/2018 20:19

The heavy toll taken by coal-fired power plants has prompted many pro-environmental international organisations to oppose banks in several nations that plan to provide loans for these plants in Vietnam, which mandatorily still considers coal a big power generator for the energy-thirsty country.

Suburban hell outside Viet Nam’s 3rd largest city

31/10/2016 14:17

Da Nang – The mountains and hills in Hoa Nhon Commune of Hoa Phong District, seen from National Highway 14B, seem to have barely survived a particularly devastating disaster – except that this disaster is wholly man-made. As the city of Da Nang sprawls outwards and upwards, the quarries on the mountains around it deepen and widen even further, throwing people’s lives into disarray with pollution and other hazards.

World Water Day marked in Vietnam

07/03/2018 15:30

The theme of this year’s World Water Day – Nature for Water – explores how we can use nature to overcome the water challenges of the 21st century and achieve sustainable growth.

Workshop seeks solutions to air pollution

26/04/2017 10:57

The Office of the National Assembly (NA) and the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany co-organised a workshop in Hanoi on April 25 to seek solutions to air pollution.

Origin of strange-colored water in Hue’s sea identified

02/04/2017 11:15

PSNews-The results of monitoring and analyzing seawater along Thua Thien Hue province’s coastal area by the provincial authorities show that the phenomenon of yellow water in Chan May port area, Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc district, has resulted from the development of algae species, called Gonyaulax polygramma.

Noise pollution difficult to handle

03/01/2017 14:50

Noise pollution in big cities and urban areas has become more serious, badly affecting residents’ quality of life, but punishment of polluters remains ineffective.

People’s Committees can sue polluters

16/12/2016 14:43

The Government is developing guidelines enabling People’s Committees of districts and provinces to sue polluters, Pham Van Loi, head of the Environmental Study Institute under the Vietnam Environment Administration, said at a recent conference on sustainable development.

Measures urged to minimise agricultural pollution

13/12/2016 10:34

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong has asked agencies under the ministry to roll out urgent measures to minimise and end environmental pollution and degradation due to agricultural activities.