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Strengthening prevention and combat against crime during Tet Holiday

06/12/2016 11:03

PSNews-The General Department of Police held a conference on strengthening the prevention and combat against crime, violation of regulations on weapons, explosives and support tools and fireworks, smuggling, commercial fraud, and offence of food safety during the Lunar New Year (Tet) 2017.

Economic Police Department reviews performance of tasks

10/07/2020 17:14

The Police Department for Corruption, Smuggling and Economic Crimes (Economic Police Department), under the Ministry of Public Security, organized a conference on July 8 to review the “For National Security” movement in the period of 2015-2020 and its task performance of in the first half of 2020.

    Vietnam, Laos seek to foster comprehensive partnership

    04/01/2020 07:43

    The organization of the 42nd meeting of the Vietnam – Laos Inter-Governmental Committee is designed to affirm the two countries’ determination to constantly develop their great friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive partnership.

    Steering Committee 138 and Steering Committee 389 review task performance

    26/07/2019 20:27

    PSNews - The Government’s Steering Committee on Crime Prevention and Fight (Steering Committee 138) and the National Steering Committee for Prevention and Fight against smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeit goods (Steering Committee 389) held a conference on July 25 to review their performances of tasks in the first half of 2019 and roll out new plans for the second half.

    Four caught red-handed smuggling 54,000 meth pills

    30/09/2018 17:03

    Police of Quynh Nhai district in the northern mountainous province of Son La on September 28 arrested four men when they were illegally transporting about 54,000 methamphetamine pills to neighbouring Lao Cai province.

    Prevent commercial fraud in customs declaration

    14/09/2016 15:18

    Risk Management Department - General Administration of Customs recently informs that during the analysis and assert process of customs operations, the specialized risk management team of Customs Department has discovered many enterprises (companies) trying to cancel, modify the declaration.

    General Department of Police reviews task performance in H1 of 2017

    07/07/2017 09:27

    PSNews - The general department should continuously promote international cooperation in preventing crimes and crack down on crimes, especially transnational crimes, drug crimes, criminal gangs, smuggling as well as promptly and efficiently settle pressing issues in key localities.