The school sings national anthem by hand at a new academic year ceremony

05/09/2018 21:31

PSNews - Unlike most of normal schools where pupils sing the National Anthem at the opening ceremony of a new school year, pupils at the Lam Dong School for Hearing Impaired sing the Vietnamese National Anthem by hand in the sign language for people with hearing and speech impaired.

Vietnam wins big prizes at Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad

21/05/2018 21:31

Seven Vietnamese students won one gold, four silver and two bronze medals at the 2018 Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO), an online programming competition hosted by Hong Kong (China) on May 13, the Ministry of Education and Training announced on May 21.

Technology students create flycam on smartphone

09/01/2017 14:08

A group of students from FPT University has defended their graduation thesis with ‘Hummingbird’, an ‘aircraft’ which allows users to take selfies tens of meters above with their smartphones.

Technology students create a big 3D scanner

27/09/2016 16:43

A group of students of the Hanoi University of Science and Technology have successfully finished their research on a 3D scanner that can measure a person’s entire body.