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Localities urged to protect crops from torrential rains

17/07/2018 15:06

The Directorate of Water Resources under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has issued a notice on ensuring safety of irrigation facilities and preventing crops from being flooded by torrential rains in northern and north central regions. 

Icy weather hits the North

10/01/2018 15:12

People in the northern mountains shivered on January 9 as temperature dropped to freezing point - and snow is likely to blanket Sa Pa Township this morning (January 10).

Fansipan covered in frost

09/01/2018 16:29

Additional cold spell to the north may continue to freeze Mount Fansipan on January 9 and 10.

Dry season irrigation planned

08/02/2017 17:19

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has asked 38 cities and provinces nationwide to promptly revise the operation of reservoirs to ensure water sources for low-lying areas in this dry season.