Stunning earth patterns captured with drone

18:25 29/05/2020
PSNews - Przemek Szewczyk, a self-thought photographer from Poland, a member of Boredpanda recently shared 12 stunning photos taken by his drone, showing the beauty in abstraction that Mother Earth has for us. These photos represented a small gift that he sent to his mother on Mother's Day. 
Grapevine Cultivation On A Volcano (Spain).
Forest During Winter (Poland).
Tulip Cuttings Between Green Trenches (Poland).
Hel Peninsula Beach (Poland). 
Railway Wagons (Poland). 
Deciduous And Coniferous Forest In Autumn (Poland).
Snow on a field (Poland). 
Hills on a field (Poland). 
Rapeseed Field (Poland). 
"Nierozpoznani" Sculpture In Poznan (Poland).
Salinas on lazarote (Spain). 
Breakwater piles on a beach (Poland).