Vietnam persistent with Ho Chi Minh Thought on Party’s revolutionary ethics

09:25 19/05/2020
According to President Ho Chi Minh, the Party should be pure and strong and represent morality and civilization and each Party member should embrace revolutionary morality and be a leader and a loyal servant of the people.

Ho Chi Minh’s Thought on building revolutionary morality in the Party is vividly reflected in the President’s theoretical ideology and practicability, serving as the lodestar for the entire Party and people.

In his book about revolutionary morality and ideology for Party building, President Ho Chi Minh wrote that revolutionary morality means determination to work for the Party and the revolution.

Treasure of theoretical ideology and reality of revolutionary morality

In his testament, President Ho Chi Minh reminded the Party and Party members to persist with the ideology “Our Party is a ruling Party. Each Party member and official must promote revolutionary morality, and pursue righteousness, industriousness, thrift, integrity, uprightness and selflessness. It’s important to maintain a pure Party worthy of leading and faithfully serving the people.” President Ho Chi Minh’s testament embraces major ideologies on Party building and the Party’s revolutionary morality.

Vo Van Thuong, Head of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Communications and Education, said “President with Ho Chi Minh’s testament is the theoretical and practical basis for Party building and rectification guiding Party members and officials to fulfill their tasks of Party building and combat signs of self-evolution, self-transformation, negatives, and corruption.”

President Ho Chi Minh noted fundamental principles in fostering and sharpening revolutionary morality of Party members. They are the principles of words going along with action, upholding and life-long fostering of morality, and combining building revolutionary morality with fighting immorality.

When upholding role models of Party organization heads, the President wrote a good example is much more valuable than a speech. The President himself set an example of fostering morality and serving the nation, the revolution, and the people. He was an example of not submitting to wealth or surrendering  to poverty. He set an example in fostering morality and promoting righteousness, industriousness, thrift, integrity, uprightness, and selflessness.

President Ho Chi Minh always paid attention to political and ideological education for Party officials and members and promoting criticism and self-criticism as a way to prevent moral degradation. The President said Party members must be loyal to the Party, and place the interest of the Party and the nation above all else. They must pursue righteousness, industriousness, thrift, integrity, and selflessness and foster a close bond with the people. According to the President, these are the factors that make the Party strong.

Persistent with Ho Chi Minh Thought on building revolutionary morality

Building revolutionary morality is part of the Party building work which also covers ideological building, political building, and organizational building.

Assoc. Prof. & Dr. Doan The Hanh of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics said "In preparation for the 13th National Party Congress, we need not only to work out orientations but also to foster the Party members’ character. In personnel work, we need to select people with good morality."

Focusing on fostering revolutionary morality in the Party is the continuation and application of Ho Chi Minh Thought to meet the needs of the revolution. Making the Party morally strong will create an internal strength and foundation to foster the morality of Party members who always prioritize the interests of the nation. Fostering morality in the Party will help the Party to defeat all internal and external threats and discourage the peaceful evolution of hostile forces.