Vietnam's wax coconuts export to Australian market

18:40 02/11/2021

PSNews - According to the Vietnam Trade Office in Australia, 2,000 wax coconuts from the Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh worth 70,000 AUD (52,620 USD) exported to Australia has sold out after a short time.

Vietnam's wax coconuts export to Australian market -0
Photo for illustration.

In an effort to promote Vietnamese agricultural products in Australia, the very first fresh wax coconuts of Tra Vinh have been exported by air to the country. With a price tag of 30 to 35 AUD (about 22-26 USD) per coconut, this batch of fresh coconuts has sold out after a short time of marketing.

Previously, only a small amount of Tra Vinh waxy coconuts, mainly frozen ones, were exported to Australia.

The trade office has conducted advertising campaigns on social networks, and also published publications to introduce this product and other Vietnamese fruits, with the aim of further promote the export of Tra Vinh waxed coconut in Australia.

Like durian, wax coconut met difficulties to make inroads into Australia before. The trade office is coordinating with Vietnamese enterprises to build Vietnamese fresh coconut brands in the market.

By L.B