BridgeFest music festival 2020 will take place in Hanoi

Thứ Năm, 29/10/2020, 11:10
BridgeFest 2020 - The 5th“Bridging the Gap” music festival will take place at Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square, Hoan Kiem Lake Pedestrian Street, Hanoi  on Saturday, October 31

BridgeFest 2020 is a colorful music festival for the youth, featuring popular artists across a wide spectrum of genres ranging from Pop, Ballad, Indie to Rock, with the participation of Kimmese, Ngot band, and Buc Tuong band to name a few.

The event aims to celebrate diversity and equality, as well as inspire thousands of young adults to spread civic values and get involved in their communities to make significant contributions to the society at large.

BridgeFest music festival 2020 will take place in Hanoi

The show also features special guests who are inspirational figures to the public, along with more than 30 social organizations and enterprises most of which are led by young people.  They constitute an accurate representation of joint efforts to solve social problems regarding the environment, education, healthcare, cultural identity, the disabled, children, women, the LGBTI community, etc.

While the message of "Bridging the gap" has resonated with Vietnamese youth and has become the essence of BridgeFest over the past years, BridgeFest 2020 is devoted to spurring real changes in communities under the slogan "Be the change", emphasizing the need for young people to get involved in national and global issues while encouraging them to participate in social discussions and community-focused initiatives.

Ms. Babeth Ngoc Han Lefur, Country Director of Oxfam in Vietnam said: “Young people are always an important actor of social changes.  When you care and take action, we all will see great results that inspire   other generations as well.  Oxfam and our partners hope that BridgeFest will not only bring in an enjoyable music festival, but also introduce festival-goers to many individuals and organizations who are dedicated to creating meaningful social changes.  Big changes often start with small steps, and first is to care about the social issues around you!”.

Mrs. Pam DeVolder, Counselor of Public Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi also underscored the significance of young people in the efforts to bring about positive changes to the society. 

“Having interacted with Vietnamese over the past year, I constantly see how talented, driven, and ambitious they are.   I have no doubt that your participation in this event will motivate you all to become even more active and impactful members of your communities, making long-lasting marks on Vietnam and on the world at large.”