'Dragon Boat' offers Huong River boat service

16:11 04/11/2016
A new boat service to provide tours around the Huong River in Hue has been launched.

The Emperor Dragon Boat is 5.4m high, 30m long and 6.5m wide and has two floors. The boat is supposed to resemble the types of historical vessels used by the Nguyen kings. 

The first floor will include a restaurant which can accommodate 88 people, with the top deck to hold space for guests for sightseeing in the evening.

The boat will offer special art performances and guests can also float flower garlands and coloured lanterns on the river.

The boat constructed by the Hue Relics Preservation Centre has been handed over to a local travel firm to provide he tour service.

To boost the tourism development, Hue’s authorities are working on a project to build more museums and art centres on Le Loi Street for tourists. 

The street is intended to eventually have a network of museums in the future.