First international fireworks team arrives in Da Nang

19:56 29/05/2019

PSNews - Fireworks Center Khan, the very first international fireworks team have arrived in Da Nang on May 28, to prepare for their fireworks display on the opening night of the 2019 Da Nang International Fireworks Festival on June 1.

Evgeniia Khan, leader of Fireworks Center Khan shared: "We are very happy to be here in Da Nang for the second time. Dance of Fire and Water is our performance's theme. We hope that audiences will enjoy it and encourage all of us".

The theme of their display is "Dance of Fire and Water". Two powerful natural elements, two unbridled energies. Two antagonists, two difference worlds have have coexisted with each other for millions of years, but can never be together. A strikingly beautiful phenomenon, placers of sparkling sparks and balls of fire opening up in the sky and reflecting on the water surface of the Khan River.

Viewers will plunge into the enchanting atmosphere of magic and wizardy. Alluring drawings in the dark, bright flames that make up the colorful and fascinating pyro-musical show, will carry into the world of illusions, dreams and fantasies.

Organizers promise the renewed format this year will deliver the most incredibly eye-catching shows yet. Under the banner “Stories By The Rivers”, DIFF 2019 will involve five competition nights (held over five consecutive weekends) with five different themes: Origins, Buds of life, Love, Burst of Colors, Setting Sail. The festival will run from June to July 6.

The opening ceremony will be held on the evening of June 1, featuring the opening competition between the teams from Vietnam and Russia. Subsequent competition nights will feature ‘battles’ between: Brazil and Belgium (June 8); Finland and Italia (June 15); England and China (June 22). The two team’s with the best pyrotechnic performances will progress to the grand finale held on July 6.

In addition, there will be a festive mood throughout the city of Danang with vibrant open-air art performances and a street carnival atmosphere with street performers, dancers, and musicians performing all along Bach Dang street from May 26 to July 7 (only Sunday evenings).

By Linh Bui