Hanoi students wins Outstanding Film at Asian International Children’s Film Festival

12:38 19/12/2019
PSNews – “To-do list”, a short film made by students from Viet Duc High School in Hanoi, has won the Outstanding Film Award at the 13th Asian International Children’s Film Festival held in Japan.

“To-do list” talks about the companionship of two friends named Dang and Hai. Hai, who unfortunately suffers from a fatal illness and would only live for a short time. He has made a to-do list of all the places he wants to go to.

Dang accidentally saw the paper and decided to take Hai on a wheelchair to these places day by day. However, Hai’s mom thought Dang bothered her son so she banned Dang from seeing Hai.

When Hai passed away, Hai’s mom accidentally found a picture of her son under the pillow, with a thank-you note to Dang written on it. Hai’s mom now realized the truth and regretted that she had misunderstood Dang, making her son’s last wishes incomplete.

“To-do list”, as evaluated by the jury, gives audiences an emotional experience of the simple things in life.

The film conveys a profound message to society, that is: Help others whenever possible, and use every precious moments in life to help people instead of wasting time.

The 13th Asian International Children’s Film Festival held in Japan, themed “How do you feel about causing others trouble. Is it okay if only you are good? Can you think about other people?” was held in Minamiawaji City, Hyogo prefecture, Japan.

The festival drew the participation of students from 15 Asian countries, including Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Timo Leste, Chinese Taipei, Mongolia and Vietnam, along with students from 10 Japanese prefectures and cities. 
By An Nhien