"Dinosaur mountain" in Lang Son attracts trekkers

Thứ Năm 19/05/2022 23:36

PSNews - Phia Po Mountain is a mountain in the Mau Son mountain complex, Lang Son. If Mau Son peak is called mother mountain, Phia Po peak is called father mountain. This place is also known for its beautiful “dinosaur spine” that young people check in.

Located in Loc Binh district of the northern province Lang Son, Phia Po Mountainhas been enticing trekkers to conquer the heights and explore the pristine landscape.
With 1,541m above sea level, Phia Po is the highest point of the province. In every season of the year, the mountain holds a different beauty, though the best time to conquer Phia Po is between April and June. 
During this time, the weather is neither too cold nor too hot, with just a little rain which encourages a variety of flowers to bloom across the area.
Several Vietnamese travel magazines have voted Phia Po as one of the three mountains with the most beautiful "dinosaur backbone" areas -- where the mountain shape resembles the back of a giant prehistoric dinosaur in Vietnam.
With the attention of all levels, functional departments and the above directions, it is believed that, soon, Phja Po mountain will become an attractive tourist destination of the province, contributing to further exploit the diverse potential of the majestic Mau Son mountain area.

Photo: VNA. 

By L.B