Nine amazing things not to be missed in Mekong Delta

Chủ Nhật, 08/05/2022, 07:19

The Travel has introduced a list of the nine most amazing things to do in the Mekong Delta region, which is seemingly off-the-beaten-track to foreign tourists.

According to the website, for guests who plan on travelling to the Mekong Delta, a region blessed with astounding and untouched beauty that is central to local life, the best things include boat trips along the Mekong river's twisting capillaries of tropical canals, mangroves, and tours of rice paddies. Other popular activities include buying regional specialties at the floating markets, enjoying the delicious flavour of fresh fruits, exploring the area’s historic attractions, temples, and pagodas, and seeing the authenticity of the native way of life left unaffected by the outside world.

Shopping at the Floating Markets

One of the most immersive experiences for tourists to do in order to discover the local way of life is heading to the region's bustling floating markets. 

Ripe fruits, flower stalls, fresh foods, and more are all for sale along the tropical canals, with local vendors shopping and trading from their sampans, a traditional kind of boat utilised by local people.

The website notes that there are five renowned floating markets to visit, namely Cai Rang, Cai Be, Phong Dien, Nga Nam, and Long Xuyen.

Discovering Vinh Trang pagoda

(Photo: Bui Gia Phu)

(Photo: Bui Gia Phu)

Situated in My Tho city of Tien Giang province, the 150 year-old Vinh Trang pagoda is an icon known nationwide, for its architectural, historical, and religious importance.

“The Buddhist pagoda is a magnificent cultural relic surrounded by an enchanting series of ornate gardens home to four enormous interconnected sections, five buildings, 60 statues, 178 pillars, and an old bell dating back to 1854,” says the article.

Tour Tan Lap floating village in Long An



The Travel affirms that eco-conscious travelers have high praise for Tan Lap as it is one of the nation’s most renowned ecotourism spots which is greatly enjoyed by travelers.

“Set in the midst of a mystic floating forest and swamp rivers, the Tan Lap floating village is a tranquil place of tropical beauty left unfettered by the outside world of over-tourism and enterprise”, The Travel noted.

Exploration via river cruise

According to The Travel, a trip down the Mekong river that runs through the south of the country is one of the most eye-opening experiences as it is both a sightseeing and cultural activity, giving guests an insight into a region where life revolves entirely around local rivers.

Most cruises not only follow the river in order to observe the vast array of natural scenery on offer, but they also offer the chance to explore areas and take part in local activities to provide guests with a truly enriching escapade.

Sampan boat trip



The website notes that the modest, traditional version of a Mekong river cruise is taking a simple sampan boat sailed by a local. Indeed, this activity represents an experience no discerning travelers should skip during their stay.

“Floating through emerald mangrove forests to reach various tourist attractions and treasures off the beaten trail, one can discover a distinct sense of peace and quiet along with a separate way of life when traversing the region's untouched watery veins within,” it added.

Visiting Khmer pagodas

(Photo: VNA)

(Photo: VNA)

According to The Travel, local pagodas that should not be missed on. The Delta region features notable sites such as Hang pagoda and Kompong Chray pagoda, both of which are renowned for their imposing features and surreal settings amid pristine nature.

“The ultimate way to satiate one's discovery of these truly stunning sites, visitors intrigued by more than just the beauty of the Khmer pagodas and temples - but also the Khmer culture and history - will satisfy their curious cravings by checking out the Khmer Culture Museum,” says the website.

Bird watching at Tra Su Bird Sanctuary

(Photo: Internet)

(Photo: Internet)

Travelers can enjoy the sweet songs of over 70 unique species of birds at the magnificent Tra Su Bird Sanctuary, a retreat of pure bliss and serenity which is located on 800,000 hectares of land and water accessible via a boat ride.

The months between August and November are said to be the best time for guests to visit the sanctuary as water levels are at their highest, which is favourable to the birds.

Sampling local cuisine

The Travel stresses that Vietnamese delicacies are popular worldwide, with dishes on offer in the Mekong Delta region proving the country's status as home to many wonderful dishes. 

For tourists there are a wealth of mouthwatering foods to try, including bun rieu, pia cake, hu tieu, Vietnamese pancake, and for the very bravest travelers, coconut larvae.

Fruit orchards treats

(Photo: Internet)

(Photo: Internet)

According to the website, the Mekong Delta region is indeed famed as one of the country's largest fruit producers.

“There's no juicier, fresher way to enjoy the region's mouth-watering fruits than picking them straight from the tree and biting into them right then and there,” says The Travel

It adds that it's possible to visit the Delta's fruit orchards all year round, but undeniably the best time is during the summer when the majority of the fruits are ripe, ready, and bursting full of flavour.

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