Huge bombs near residential areas safely handled in Quang Tri

Thứ Ba, 25/05/2021, 11:53
PSNews - Soldiers of the Military High Command in the central province of Quang Tri in conjunction with the US’s Golden West organisation have successfully deactivated and removed bombs left from wartime that was found in Huong Hoa district’s Huong Lap commune.

Big bombs near residential areas safely handled in Quang Tri

Unearthing in a residential area, a MK82 bomb with its detonator intact, which was 230kg in weight, was handled on May 21. Another MK82 bomb was handled on May 23. The third one, an AN-65 bomb weighting up to 500kg was removed on May 24.

Before handling these bombs, the Military Command of Quang Tri province directed forces to move 28 households with 50 people living in Cu Bai village to a safe place.

MK82 and N-65 bombs were used by the US Army during the war, dropped from aircraft and caused great damage.

A survey in 2017 by the Ministry of National Defence showed that nearly 82 percent of the area of Quang Tri, a fierce battlefield during the Vietnam war, was contaminated with UXOs. 

Nearly 8,540 local residents have been killed or injured by UXOs since 1975. In the mountainous Huong Hoa – a heavily UXO-polluted district, more than 1,150 people have been killed or injured in UXO accidents since 1975 – when the war ended.

By Thien Minh