More Japanese donors contribute to Vietnamese COVID-19 vaccine fund

22:20 06/07/2021
The Vietnamese Embassy in Japan hosted a ceremony on July 6 in order to receive donations of approximately VND1.3 billion for the country’s COVID-19 vaccine fund from various Japanese trade unions and companies where Vietnamese interns are working.

Mikio Kesagayama, chairman of the board at Tokyo International Communication Committee (left) and Vietnamese Ambassador to Japan Vu Hong Nam at a ceremony to receive donations to the vaccine fund 

Upon addressing the handover ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to Japan Vu Hong Nam highlighted the valuable support given by Japanese companies and Vietnamese individuals working in the East Asian country to the nation’s vaccine fund and Vietnamese trainees during the pandemic period.

Representatives from numerous Japan’s trade unions and companies used the event to express their great hope that the donation will be used effectively to contribute to the COVID-19 vaccination programme, adding that travel activities will be resumed soon to allow the re-entry of Vietnamese trainees to work in Japan.

Mikio Kesagayama, chairman of the board at Tokyo International Communication Committee (TICC), expressed his joy at supporting the Vietnamese COVID-19 vaccine fund, hoping that the country will have sufficient vaccine doses to inoculate its citizens, while Vietnamese trainees will be able to return to work in Japan as soon as possible.

Furthermore, Nanba Akito, representative of the Institute of Global Human Resource Development based in Okayama prefecture, showed desire for Japan’s assistance to Vietnam's COVID-19 vaccine fund to help the country contain the pandemic in a fast manner so interns can travel easily between the two countries.

Earlier on June 13, Vietnamese Embassy in Japan hosted a launching ceremony aimed at supporting Vietnam's COVID-19 vaccine fund, which received an active response from several Japanese organisations and individuals, along with a host of overseas Vietnamese living in Japan.