Hanoi erects checkpoints to control COVID-19

18:33 05/09/2021

Police forces in Hanoi set up checkpoints throughout the capital from the morning of September 4 to control the flow of vehicles and people between high-risk areas or red zones, and other parts of the city, in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.

21 checkpoints are on several major roads with a high volume of traffic in order to control people moving in and out of the red zones.

Each checkpoint has 16 officials, including traffic policemen, military people and healthcare workers, who work in shifts around the clock.

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At a checkpoint on Cau Dien street in Nam Tu Liem district.

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Major Pham Van Chien, Head of Traffic Squad No. 6 under the Municipal Police of Hanoi, said the functional forces will clearly explain traffic participants about the new regulations on the first days of imposing the enhanced social distancing measures in Hanoi. Later, they will strictly handle cases in which traffic participants fail to present the travel permit and the related identity documents or do not wear facemasks.
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Secretary of Hanoi Municipal Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung inspected checkpoints at red zones, asking the on-duty forces to thoroughly check the vehicles and regulate the traffic flows, preventing traffic jams.

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At another checkpoint, functional forces divided the street into different lanes to check vehicles and people coming from Nhon (Minh Khai ward, Nam Tu Liem district) to the inner city.

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People going to see doctors should show all relevant papers to the competent officers.

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Medical staff at a checkpoint stay alert and ready to take quick COVID-19 testing of all suspicious cases.

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Those who are eligible to go through the checkpoint must have their identity documents with information suitable for the travel permits.

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Most of people support the new regulations as they know that it is the quickest way to a new normal period.

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The officers at checkpoints have to work hard under the scorching sun.

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Officers from the Hanoi Municipal Transport Department checked QR-codes on vehicles.

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On the morning of September 4, people still followed the current regulations. As Vietnamese are enjoying a four-day vacation, people worry that they will not be able to get travel permits by the morning of September 6, when the new and stricter regulations will be applied.