US veteran returns war diary to Vietnamese martyr’s family

Thứ Tư, 08/03/2023, 22:13

PSNews - The diary of martyr Cao Xuan Tuat was returned to his family after 56 years by the US veteran Peter Mathews.

US veteran returns war diary to Vietnamese martyr’s family -0
At the handover ceremony.

The People's Committee of Ky Anh District, Ha Tinh Province on March 5 held a ceremony in Ky Xuan Commune to hand over the diary of martyr Cao Xuan Tuat found by US veteran Peter Mathews to the martyr's family. 

Accordingly, veteran Mathews found the war diary on the battlefield among belongings of Vietnamese soldiers who laid down their lives, after surviving the battle of Dak To in the Central Highlands in November 1967.

The diary had been kept at Peter Mathews' home in Bergenfield city, New Jersey state of the US for over 5 decades, but he always hoped to come back to Vietnam to find the owner of the notebook and return it.

The story was then published on North Jersey newspaper on January 27, 2023, and the information was shared via the Internet to Vietnam.

Recognizing the story, Chairman of the Ha Tinh Provincial Fatherland Front Committee Tran Nhat Tan contacted Mathews to confirm the information.

On March 3,  US veteran Peter Mathews and his spouse traveled over 13,000 km and arrived in Ky Xuan Commune on March 5 to hand over martyr Cao Xuan Tuat’s diary that he has kept for the past 56 years to matyr Cao Xuan Tuat's family.

By An Nhien