Van Don International Airport welcomes vaccine passport holders from France

15:36 23/09/2021

Van Don International Airport in Quang Ninh province received 301 passengers on September 23, all of whom had vaccine passports on board one Vietnam Airlines flight which had departed from France.


All of the passengers were required to be in good health and be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This is in addition to testing negative for COVID-19 through RT-PCR or RT-LAMP tests 72 hours before departure.

They were all eligible for entry and will now undergo a period of isolation in line with the Health Ministry’s regulations on vaccine passport pilot.

Upon their arrival in the country, the passengers were immediately transported to a local hotel where they will be in concentrated quarantine for seven days.

At present, Van Don International Airport has successfully welcomed three flights carrying a total of 943 passengers under the pilot COVID-19 vaccine passport scheme approved by the Government.

This comes after two planes from Japan and the United States both landed at the airport on September 4 and September 12, respectively, under the pilot programme.